Personalised Wall Plaques for Kids: Creating a Unique Space with Custom Name Designs


In the world of parenting, every milestone deserves a special touch. As children grow, their surroundings play a vital role in shaping their imagination and identity. Enter the realm of personalised wall plaques – an enchanting way to celebrate your child's individuality while transforming their room into a haven of creativity and personal expression.

Why Choose Personalised Wall Plaques:

Personalisation is more than a trend; it's a way to infuse meaning into everyday items. Personalised wall name plaques offer a delightful way to showcase your child's name in beautifully crafted designs, making their space truly their own. Let's explore why these plaques are a must-have addition to any kid's room:

1. Uniqueness and Identity:

Children cherish objects that are uniquely theirs. Personalised wall plaques carry their name, an embodiment of their identity, etched in intricate designs. This touch of individuality sets their space apart and fosters a sense of pride in their name.

2. Boosting Self-Esteem:

Children thrive when they feel special. With their name displayed prominently on the wall, they'll experience a boost in self-esteem and a deeper connection to their personal space.

3. Sparking Creativity:

Wall plaques go beyond aesthetics; they become a source of inspiration. Choose designs that resonate with your child's interests – be it animals, space, sports or flowers – and watch as their imagination soars.

4. Lasting Memories:

Childhood is fleeting, but the memories created last forever. A personalised wall plaque becomes a lasting memory, a symbol of the care and attention you put into creating their space.

5. Versatile Décor:

These plaques aren't limited to bedrooms. They can add character to playrooms, study areas, or any corner your child frequents. They also make thoughtful gifts for birthdays and special occasions. Choose from double layer or triple layered signs.

Discover the Magic at Boho and Brave:

At Boho and Brave, we understand the significance of personalised décor for children. Our collection of personalised wall plaques is designed to captivate young minds while celebrating their individuality. Explore our range and embark on a journey to create a room that's a true reflection of your child's unique identity.


Personalised wall plaques are more than just décor; they're gateways to a world of creativity and self-expression for your child. With the power to boost self-esteem, inspire imagination, and create cherished memories, these plaques are an investment in your child's growth and happiness. Explore the enchanting collection at Boho and Brave and take the first step toward transforming your child's room into a haven of individuality.

Boho and Brave is located in Perth, Western Australia, but we can ship your personalised name plaque Australia wide.