Collection: Arch Handheld Mirrors

✨️ Real Glass Mirror
✨️ Customise with Your logo
✨️ Available in over 50 colours
✨️ Handmade with care
✨️ Save when you purchase 2 or more

FAQs about Custom Handheld Mirrors

What customisation options are available?

You can choose your choice of acrylic from either gloss or matte (we recommend matte). We have a range of colours available, however if you don't see something you love we can source many different colours for you.

Your logo is then printed directly onto the mirror using durable CMYK UV Printing in order to match your branding.

Is there a minimum order quantity for customisation?

Nope, whether you want 1 or 10, we don't require any minimum quantities to create your branded mirror.

Are there any discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, if you require a corporate order or promotional order for PR, please contact us with the shape and quantity you require.

How Do I Care For The Mirror?

We recommend using a lens-wipe to clean the mirror. Do not use any alcohols or harsh chemicals as this will cause hazing and cracking. Do not use any cloths as this can cause scratching.

Do not place the mirror on top of wax pots or hot towel cabinets (or other heat sources) as this will cause the material to warp and adhesive to loosen.