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QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch

Embrace the elegance of simplicity and effortlessly elevate your brand with the Double Wavy Arch QR Sign, a timeless masterpiece that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

✨️ Brand with your Logo, Fonts & Colours

✨️ Over 50 acrylic choices

✨️ Customisable to suit your needs

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    QR Code Stand with Logo - Pastel Pink Acrylic Logo Sign
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    Navy Blue Double Wavy Sign with Business Logo and QR Codes in Gold Acrylic
    double wavy acrylic sign with QR Codes for cosmetic clinic in gold writing
    QR Code Sign - Instagram Business Social Sign - Hair Beauty Salon Sign - Perth Australia
    Double Wavy Multi QR Code Sign for Cosmetic Clinic with Cream & Gold Acrylic
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch
    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch

    QR Code Sign | Double Wavy Arch


    The Double Wavy Arch QR Sign is a luxurious way to showcase your personalised QR code in style. This sign will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any small business.

    Perfect for hair or beauty salons, cosmetic injectable clinics, yoga/Pilates studios and more. Put a fashionable statement on display and ensure your brand remains front and centre.

    The Double Wavy Arch QR Sign is more than just a sign; it's an extension of your brand identity. We offer full customisation, ensuring your logo, colours, and font seamlessly integrate into the design.

    Display two QR codes - with a simple scan, your guests gain instant access to any content you want to share.

    Crafted from premium acrylic, The Double Wavy Arch QR Sign is built to last and simply clicks together.

    Key Features:

    • 1 colour of acrylic; the back piece showcases gloss, while the front piece displays a soft matte finish (resistant to fingerprints).
    • a keyword from your business name/logo is laser cut in your brands font and attached in a colour of your choice, adding another dimension.
    • QR codes are two toned and colours can be personalised to your branding.
    • The base is 6mm thick, featuring gloss acrylic (matching the back piece) and reinforced with clear acrylic underneath.
    • Text such as additional words to your business name, and labels for the QR codes are hand painted matched to your brand font and colour. 

      Product Size

      approx 21cm wide & 16cm tall

      Important Information

      After placing your order, you must email us a PDF copy of your business logo/branded name. Other formats are not acceptable.

      You must provide a copy of your brand font (unless it is readily available via Canva). Fonts not available in Canva will need to be emailed to us in TTF or OTF format.

      If you have a style guide, please provide this so we can match font sizing and spacing.

      You must provide the links for your QR codes, the name/title for them and the order you want them displayed.

      Every effort will be made to match paint colours closely to your branding, however exact matches are not possible.

      If you do not see a shade of acrylic you like, please let us know and we may be able to source a different colour for you.

      Consider using a linktree for the URL so that you can customise what appears when your QR Code is scanned.

      Logo Requirements

      • Please email your logo in both .PDF AND .SVG format.
      • Your graphic designer should be able to provide the SVG format, this can also be exported from canva.
      • In most cases we cannot accept jpeg or png images.
      • Please provide us your hex colour codes as we print 100% to your branding.
      • We will email you a proof so you can confirm the final design.

      Acrylic Colour Choices

      If you do not see a colour you like, please let us know, as we can source many other colours.

      Personalised Custom Handheld Mirror Colour Choices - Beauty Salon Mirrors - Custom Aesthetic Designs Australia











      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Pure Glow Whitening Lounge
      QR Code Energy!

      I couldn't be happier with my experience at Custom Aesthetic Designs!
      Every time I walk past my custom Wavy Arch QR Code sign, I'm reminded of the care and skill that went into its creation. I will definitely be returning for more!

      Katy Toshach
      Stylish, modern & simple branding

      Love how these signs suit our cosmetic clinic’s branding. They are such a simple solution for old fashioned brochures/treatment menu’s. We have a QR code for our price list and a QR code for clients to leave a google review. What an awesome idea - and so chic!

      QR Code Signage FAQs

      How do I create my QR Code?

      When you order a QR Code Sign from us, we will create the QR Code for you. All we need are the URL's that you would like creating into a code.

      What QR Codes can I have?

      Any URL can be created into a QR Code, the most popular are for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Online Bookings, Websites and Google Reviews.

      We recommend using a landing page, see below for an explanation.

      Can I change the link of my QR Code once made?

      No, a limitation is once the QR Code is generated, you cannot change the URL.

      For example, if you change your username on instagram, your URL will also change, which means your QR Code will no longer work.

      To make changes, we recommend using a Landing Page, see below for information.

      What is a Landing Page QR Code?

      a Landing Page is a fantastic way to display all of your most important links, within one URL. We can then use this link to create a QR Code.

      An example of this is a linktree or link in bio (however you can create a free landing page using Canva).

      The reason we recommend using a landing page is so you can edit your links at any time, without affecting your QR Code. This means if your instagram URL ever changes, or your online booking link changes, you can simply update your landing page and your QR Code will continue to work!

      How do I find my Google Review link?

      As long as you have registered your business with Google i.e Google My Business, the easiest way is to google search your business name.

      At the top of the search you should see "Your business on Google" and a button that says "Ask for Reviews".

      Click on that and a pop up will appear with the heading "Give customers a link to review your business on Google". There will be "review link" which contacts within the URL.

      Copy that link and either put it into your landing page, or send it to us, depending on how you have decided to use the QR Code Signage.

      What is a QR Code?

      A QR Code is basically a barcode that has been generated from a URL, that can be easily read by a digital device.

      Can I customise the design of my QR Code Sign?

      Yes! We love to add new designs to our portfolio. We are happy to tweak any of our existing designs, or create something from scratch for you.

      We will also incorporate your logo, fonts and colours.

      Will you send me a proof before making my QR Code Sign?

      Yes! We will email you a proof so you can approve the design before we make your sign.

      I don't see an acrylic colour I like, can you source a different colour?

      Yes! We are always happy to source different colours to ensure your sign fits your branding.

      QR Code Colour Choices

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